(HD) UFO,ORB,EASTER 2012 4/9/2012 2:30 AM RICHMOND CA. COME GET IT RECORDS LLC © WATCH IT HEARS ME!WTF?www.comegetitrecords.com is me, this is no HOAX. Thank You All, & ENJOY. :)

my same video with music: youtu.be Having had my last sighting on October the 9th, I thought it was a good idea to do some serious sky watching. I felt naturally happy because withing few min I saw this large light-orb being circled by a smaller one, then both became the same size and type, they seemed to be dancing at the same rythm, before finally VANISHING one after another. The sighting lasted only over 2 mins, but it was very clear and impressive. What is it: a goverment new technolgy test, simple holographic projections or authentic outsiders? I don’t know, reason why they must remain as Unidentified Flying Objects, but anyone with basic common sense can tell these are not known aircrafts, balloons, lanterns, fireworks, satellites, planets, stars, etc. Yes, my hand was shaking, the camera in my hand too, simply because I could not believe my eyes! “I firmly believe that UFOs are a form of life that come not from another planet but from another dimension. I believe that they are probably all around us all the time–just outside of our own dimension (by Brad Steiger)”. “These are plainly biological forms…These are plasmic living organisms native to our atmosphere. As they appear in these photographs, they give one the impression of looking through the side of an aquarium…biological life in the upper octave of terrestrial existence has been overlooked by too many UFO investigators who early on were in favor of the foregone conclusion that UFOs were vehicles from